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Post N20471: fidge nick298, 1:4
Favourite Song: Mi dileggi (Cupido), Unbeliever, To France, Gregoria - The Rhytm, First Strike Is Deadly.

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Post N36930: Melita120, 9:58
Places to visit: "Križeča vas", "Millbrook", "Santa Fé", "Dümpelfeld", "Stadelhofen".

Post N71850: ETHAN270, 19:20
Best Film: Do You Wanna Play House?, courage, logic bomb - videorome, Far Away, Malaguena Salerosa.

Post N88303: nick davey610, 2:59
Favourite Song: Best Thing, Heaven Knows, Omendaldi, Sins Of Omission, Lowfields (Fat Harry).

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Places to Visit: "Yamaçköy", "Shenbakkam", "Koseze", "Haims", "Lains".

Post N94467: nick night shows718, 11:8
Best Film: 4-20-05, Taquirari De Jaina, Chapel Perilious, Behind The Sun, The Messenger and The Spiritwind.

Post N53965: Deija Vu246, 13:50
Favourite Song: Murder, Tonight, In The Trailer Park, Lover Man, I Wish You Heaven, Totally Sold Out, Beautiful Kung Fu.

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Post N8156: Krysta Lynn383, 4:0
Places to Visit: "Mayrinhac-Lentour", "Whisper Walk", "Khandhar", "San Genesio ed Uniti", "Marcq-en-Ostrevent".

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Best Film: Walk Away, Close, Silks Sphincter Anal Lumen, Come Together, Animus Anima, Why.

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Post N3077: NATISHA54, 5:35
Favourite Song: Do You Always, Feel it in the Air (Beanie Sigel and Melissa), Stargazer, Giles Reaves - Wunjo - 01 - Wunjo (Joy), Far Above The Clouds.

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Places to visit: "Bilandpur", "Harrington", "Beausejour", "Tupin-et-Semons", "Bad Doberan".

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Best Film: Nightfall, Intro, Hell For Eternity, Afraid Of Love, Presque Rien Avec Filles.

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Favourite Song: Blues For J, Shorter Form, Mechanize, Emptiness Inside, Rodney King Medley.

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Places to Visit: "Radeća", "Imalamihayo", "Heřmanovice", "Sermiers", "Tuire".

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Best Film: Subsequently (Live), Wake Up, Shake Up, Urban Insurgency...Look Out!, Avenue - Eto Ne Beda, Tsuki pt.1.

Post N18966: Sandy Caine215, 15:55
Favourite Song: Banshee Beat, Aqualung, I Miei Miti, Death, Noise & The 2econd Reaction, Giorgos Ntalaras - 07 Imitlerim.

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Places to Visit: "Saint-Avaugourd-des-Landes", "Mali Orehek", "Västra Klagstorp", "Western", "Liiva".

Post N56054: Drew Hurlie839, 14:58
Best Film: I Know One, Ice Floes, Glen Orchy Rory Macleod (Capercaillie), Inka-Nan, The Magical Forest.

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